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Anaklia – the best Black Sea resort in Georgia

Summer vacation in Georgia (Anaklia)Anaklia – new Georgian resort towns, located southeast coast of the Black Sea. Just several years ago, on the place of Anaklia there were only two villages with the population of 2.5 thousand… and today, this is quickly developing resort with comfortable hotels, restaurants and entertainment establishments.

Criteria of ideal beach-related rest

Good beach-related rest consists of seven components – climate, sea, beach, and accommodation, various dining, factor of innovation (exotics) and prices. Nowadays we may add eighth component – personal space: it is important to learn if personal comfort is violated by excessive nearness of other resting subjects on the beach or sea-front during evening promenade.

Without one of these factors summer vocation may not be considered to be ideal – expectancy of the resting subjects at the sea-shores in Georgia is often alloyed by steady rains and dirty sea in Batumi, stony beach along the highway overloaded by trucks in Kvariati or high density of other resting persons per square meter in Kobuleti.

Why Anaklia?

Anaklia – the only Black Sea resort in Georgia with ideal climate (it occasionally rains during summer), sandy beaches (with curative magnetic sand) and pure sea water - – there are no large cities discharging wastewater into the sea in hundreds of kilometers around Anaklia. It is of great important that accommodation prices in Anaklia are lower than those of living at analogue hotels in Batumi or other Black Sea resorts in Georgia.

Secret of success of Anaklia – existence of all seven components of ideal beach-related rest -
dry climate, pure sea, sandy beach, comfortable accommodation, various meal, low prices and possibility to learn much new in thereabouts.

At present time three categories of hotels entertain guests; there are a yacht-club, restaurants, a nightclub, the largest water park on the Black Sea, as well as casino and amphitheater.

Comparing Anaklia to the popular destinations in Turkey and Egypt, at present time Anaklia – with its incredible atmosphere and uncompromising service – reminds Turkish five-star hotels of Marmaris Palacetype in 2003-2005, when holidays at the seaside in Turkey and Egypt were not so much popular among tourists from former USSR states and it was barely becoming come into vogue.


Direct flights to Batumi and Kutaisi are already provided from Moscow, Minsk, Kiev, Odessa, Donetsk and other cities. Price for flight (two-way) is from USD 35 up to 400 USD (2-2.5 hours). And you will be met at the Airport by transfer from the hotel in Anaklia.

See flights and prices here (link)...


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